Coinhaven Legacy Launch
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Coinhaven Legacy Launch

Coinhaven Legacy Launch

Become an early-bird Coinhaven member by registering now and get the opportunity to claim a lifetime Legacy membership status!

Only the first 500 early-bird members that sign up with Coinhaven and successfully verify their Tier 2 account status will receive a Legacy membership.

What’s so special about being a Legacy member? Good question! How about the following benefits:

  • Get 30% off your trading fees when trading on the Coinhaven platform.
  • Be rewarded with regular Coinhaven token airdrops.
  • Receive exclusive invites to private token sales on the Coinhaven platform.
  • Deposit 25,000 EUR or other fiat equivalent per day and 250,000 EUR or other fiat equivalent per month of your funds into your personal Coinhaven account.
  • Deposit 1,000,000 EUR or other fiat equivalent per day and 5,000,000 EUR or other fiat equivalent per month of your funds into your business Coinhaven account.

Sign up between today and December 15, verify your Tier 2 account and enjoy these amazing perks! A successful account verification process requires: email verification, phone number verification, personal identity verification and physical address verification.  

In order to secure your Legacy status for a lifetime, your trading volume within the first 30 days of completing your Tier 2 verification must be at least 20,000 EUR (or equivalent). Trading volume is the combination of your buying and selling volume on the Coinhaven exchange.

Find out additional information about trading on Coinhaven here.

Published: 3 months ago 11 min to read

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